Interested in a drop-in class?

We are considering offering drop-in country swing classes. If you are interested in attending these classes, let us know on the form below. You will receive $5 off your first class for completing the survey!

Our beginners class will teach the basic step at the beginning of every class followed by a core move or fundamental so that you can learn to dance correctly and efficiently. This is similar to our 4-week course but it will take about 3 months to cover the same information.

Our intermediate class will be focused on intermediate moves and higher level concepts that will make you shine on the dance floor and have dance partners seeking you out. We may also cover lifts and trick moves if folks are interested.

No partner is needed.

Lessons will be held at Millenneum Dance Complex 2844 Logan St, Nashville TN 27211.

If you are interested in attending classes like this, please complete the form below. Once we have enough interest, we will offer the class and you will be the first to know!