About Us

We are passionate lovers of country dancing who truly enjoy teaching and sharing the fun. Every year we teach thousands of folks just like you the joys of country line dancing, country swing and two step. Join us!

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About Us

Sharing The Fun

We are an enthusiast group of people who met each other through dancing and became friends because we shared a common love of dancing and sharing it with people. We’ve each spent countless hours teaching thousands of Nashville visitors and residents how to country line dance, country swing and two step.

When you teach hundreds of people every weekend, you get really good at teaching people quickly and effectively. Folks were telling us how easily they learned and how much fun it was.

Eventually people started begging us to come out and teach. It was at that point that we realized we should make it an official thing…and Turn Their Heads was born.

Our philosophy that “doing it” is more important than “doing it perfect” creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere that will help you learn the steps, enjoy the process and be up and dancing in minutes.

We teach line dances as well as country swing and two step moves that are not only easy, but popular too. Our goal is for you to learn the dances, have fun doing them, and be able to do them again in the future. Whether it’s that night at a country bar in Nashville, at a wedding reception or in your kitchen, we teach dances that you’ll remember and be able to do again and again.

All lessons are held at our very own 4500 square foot country dance academy, the first and only one in Nashville, just 8 minutes from the Broadway honky tonks. We have 3 dance studios, a lounge and waiting area, and a kitchenette if you need to store your BYOB or food. If you can’t make it to us, our amazing instructors can come to your Airbnb, Hotel, Conference or Convention. 

Whether you want to learn super-easy line dances that are performed across the country, advanced country swing moves, or something in between, our coaches can have you up and dancing and having more fun than you ever thought possible, no matter your experience.

Emphasis on having fun makes learning easy and enjoyable

You'll be up dancing in minutes and looking good doing it

Learn dances you'll remember and perform again

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