Nashville Line Dancing Lessons

If you are headed to Nashville, TN, line dancing lessons are a definite must. We provide fun, easy-to-follow lessons at your Airbnb, our private location and various bars around town. Sure to be a highlight of your Nashville trip.

Line Dancing Lessons With Dance Coach April

Nashville Line Dancing Lessons

8 Reasons to Choose Our Nashville Line Dancing Lessons

Focused On Fun

Line dancing is an absolute blast! It’s great exercise, makes you smile, brings you joy and best of all you get to enjoy it all with your friends and family! Some dance instructors who teach Nashville Line Dancing Lessons are slave drivers trying to get a perfect video for social media, or they look down at you if you don’t get the steps perfect. We are the opposite of that. Our dance coaches only care that you have a great time because they know if you do, learning the dances will be easier, more memorable and a whole lot more fun.

We Can Come to You

We are the only company to offer Nashville Line Dancing Lessons in the privacy of your Airbnb, home or hotel suite. That means you have all your usual comforts, changes of clothes, food, drinks and more. Plus you save the time and costs of additional Ubers back and forth. Between drinks and Ubers, you can save several hundred dollars having our dance coaches come to you verses going to a studio or Wildhorse.

It's Private And Comfortable

If you choose a Classic Nashville Line Dancing Lesson, you will be in a private setting with only your friends and family. You can be yourself, you don’t have to worry about the public seeing you make a mistake, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want, you can just relax and have fun with people you know.

Learn Dances You Can Use Again and Again

Our Nashville line dancing lessons usually incorporate dances that are standards across the country. Not only are they usually easier and more fun (that’s how they get to be standards) but you are more likely to do them after the session because other people know them. The other line dancing options in Nashville typically teach dances their instructors made up so you aren’t likely to do them anywhere ever again. If you want a line dancing lesson that teaches a new or trendy line dance, or you have a specific dance that you want to learn, let us know when booking. Our coaches are avid line dancers so they know and can teach the newest dances popular across the country.

Dances Based On Your Group's Abilities

We will discuss the goals and level of your group when booking so we can provide the perfect dances for you. We want you to have fun while learning and leave the session knowing how to do several line dances. Our dance coaches are focused on making you look amazing so you turn heads.

Dances To Your Favorite Songs In Any Genre

Just about any dance can be performed to any other song with a similar tempo and rhythm. Rock, pop and hip hop songs can all be used for “country” line dancing lessons. So if you have a song or songs you love, let us know in advance and we’ll select dances that are appropriate for your group’s level and goals. If there are particular dances that you want our coaches to teach, let us know. If you don’t have preferences our coaches will choose the dances they think are perfect for your group, typically performed to current country music or all-time favorites.

Personal Attention

Our coaches are able to give individual help and feedback so you feel comfortable and confident. You don’t get that at a bar full of hundreds of customers. Our instructors are very good, so you may not have any questions, but if you do, they are happy to help. 

Enthusiastic Dance Coaches

Ever have a professor or instructor who is just an employee phoning it in for a paycheck? They are the worst! Unlike the other lesson options in Nashville, TN, Turn Their Heads coaches love line dancing and do it several times a week for fun. Their enthusiasm is contagious and makes for an amazing learning experience. Most of our line dancing coaches taught thousands of people how to line dance before joining our team. Not only do they have hundreds of hours of experience which makes them easy to follow but they truly want you to have a great time and leave with a huge smile, which we know you will.

Coach April Teaching A Hand Clap During Line Dancing Lesson
Nashville Line Dancing Lesson with James
Coach Rick Teaching Sleazy Slide

Our Nashville Line Dancing Lesson Options

Classic Lessons

Our Nashville line dancing coaches explain a series of steps so that you see exactly what your feet and body need to do. You then practice the series of steps as a group. Once you have it, the coach will teach another series, and so on, until you’ve learned the entire dance.

When you’ve learned all the steps, you’ll do a slow-paced run through with your coach demonstrating so you can follow along if you forget a step. At that point you’ll feel confident and ready to go. Your line dancing coach will fire up the first of two songs for you and your group to show off your new moves. During the second song your coach will video everyone having fun so you have a great souvenir. Share to social media and make your friends jelly!

During a Classic Nashville Line Dancing Class your coach will teach multiple dances. You’ll learn 2 – 3 dances during a 60-minute private line dancing lesson and 3 – 5 dances during a 90-minute private line dancing lesson.

If you are interested in learning more than just line dancing, you can do a combo class where we can teach your group one or two line dances plus the basics of two step or country swing. Only available for Classic Lessons.

If you are interested in learning more than just line dancing in Nashville, TN, you can do a combo class where we can teach your group one or two line dances plus the basics of two step or country swing. Only available for Classic Lessons.

Learn new dance moves and have a great time with your friends. Book a Classic Line Dancing Lesson Today!

Nashville line dancing lessons with Coach April

Lead & Learn Lessons

Lead & Learn is a great option that allows you to learn and perform more dances in the same amount of time for less money. The differences from a Classic Lesson are that you aren’t being taught the steps prior to the dance and it’s not a private environment. Lead & Learn Nashville Line Dancing Lessons are typically done at a bar downtown.

Your coach will start up a line dance and cue your group just like in a Zumba or aerobics class. You simply follow along while listening and watching for their cues. Line dances are actually easier to follow than aerobics because you are doing the same series of steps many times back to back. In addition, they are typically at a slower pace. If you have aerobics or dance experience, or you are athletic, this is a great option to do more dances.

Lead & Learn Line Dancing Lessons are only available at public venues in Nashville during open hours where a classic lesson is not possible. It is recommended for groups smaller than 25.

If you have a larger group, or just want extra help, you can add a second instructor for 20% off.

Book a lesson today for an amazing time in Nashville!

Virtual Lessons

Can't make it to Nashville? Our coaches can teach you Country Swing through Zoom, in the comfort of your own home! Or you can get several couples together from all over the country for a Zoom country swing party! 

Great for bachelorette parties, learning a dance for your wedding reception or just plain having fun and burning calories with a partner. Available 7 days a week from 10am - 10pm.

The process is the same as an in-person Nashville Country Swing Class except you are watching through your computer, or better yet, your TV or projector, by beaming/sharing it from your computer or phone.

Combo lessons are available by adding a two step or line dancing lesson.

Book a lesson today and have fun with a partner tonight!