Nashville Two Step Lessons

Two step is a hugely popular partner dance. We provide fun, easy-to-follow lessons at your Airbnb, our private location and various bars around town. Get a lesson and get out on the floor tonight!

Two Step Lesson with Rick

Our Two Step Lesson Options

Learn the Basics of This Country Favorite

Classic country two step is a popular country partner dance that travels progressively around the outside of the dance floor, similar to a skating rink. This dance generally requires space around the dance floor, something that’s challenging to come by at the bars on Broadway. For that reason, country swing tends to be more popular in Nashville. If you want to learn a partner dance, and plan to dance at the honky tonks on Broadway, we recommend country swing. If you definitely want to learn two step, we can show you how to dance in smaller spaces (see below).

What Will I Learn?

Your Turn Their Heads coach will explain the proper frame, hand and foot position and the basic two step pattern, then give you a chance to practice with your partner.

Once you’ve gotten a grip on the basics, you’ll perform the step to music so you get the feel of it in action. Your dance coach will make small tweaks as you go, focused on the overall goal of having fun. Once you have a grasp of a step or move, they will teach the next one so you are progressing at a speed comfortable for you.

You will learn the basic step in your first lesson, how to navigate around the turns and other dancers on the dance floor, and likely a spin or change of direction also. This is all the average two stepper knows, and possibly more, and more than enough to two step around the dance floor the rest of your lives. You’ll be able to get out there that night and dance up a storm!

What Style of Two Step?

Our two step lessons teach a relaxed, social style of dance that you can use immediately at pretty much any two step country bar in America and have a ton of fun. It’s based on ballroom two step principles, as compared to Texas Two Step, so it’s more applicable to more people and places. If you are wanting formal ballroom two step lessons for high-level competition, we are not the right choice for you. Our lessons teach you what you need to know to get out on the dance floor that same night and having fun.

Country two step is typically performed in a circle around the outside edge of a dance floor but can also be done in small spaces on a cramped dance floor. You do not need much space to learn the steps. A 5 x 10 space in an Airbnb or hotel room is plenty. If you prefer to get out of your house, you can learn at our cozy, private location or we can provide a classic lesson in a private room at a bar in town.

How Much Dancing Will I Do?

Beginners can expect to spend at least half their Nashville 2 step lesson actually dancing. We think that’s the best way to learn and have it stick. You will learn enough in one lesson to be able to get out on the dance floor and have a good time that same night and the rest of your life.

What If I Don’t Have a Partner?

If you don’t have a partner you will practice with your instructor. If there are several of you in a group, and some don’t want to take the opposite gender’s role, let us know when booking so we can try to find partners for you. If you definitely want a partner, we can provide one for and additional charge of $30.

Learn two step and get out on the floor tonight!

Nashville Two Step Lessons


6 Reasons to Choose Our Two Step Lessons

Focused On Fun

Two stepping can be a lot of fun and great exercise. If you’ve taken ballroom lessons you’ll know that instructors can suck the fun out of the lesson by focusing on making everything perfect. Turn Their Heads isn’t like that at all. We focus on teaching you the basics of two step in a fun, positive atmosphere so you can head to any dance hall and have fun night after night. The lessons themselves are so much fun you’ll forget you are in a…well…a lesson.

We Come to You

Our dance coaches teach you in the privacy of your Airbnb, home or hotel suite. That means you have all your usual comforts and don’t have to spend money on gas or an Uber. If you prefer to dance elsewhere, you can come to our cozy dance space or we can meet you at a Nashville bar for a Lead & Learn.

It's Private And Comfortable

Whether you choose to have an instructor come to your Airbnb, or you come to our cozy studio, you will be in a private setting. You can be yourself, you don’t have to worry about the public seeing you make a mistake, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want, you can just relax and have fun. For an authentic Nashville experience, you can choose the Lead & Learn option and have a lesson right there on the dance floor at a Nashville honky tonk!

Easy To Learn

Not only is Two Stepping fun, it is incredibly easy to learn. The basic step is super simple even for a complete newbie plus there are tons of turns, spins and moves that are also easy to learn.

Use What You Learn - Immediately

The dances and steps that we teach will allow you to walk into any country dance hall in America that does couples dancing…and dance the night away. Right from the first lesson you will have the basics down so you can go out that night and have fun.

The Only Two Step Lesson In Downtown Nashville

We are the only company in Nashville that can meet you downtown and teach you Two Step at the honky tonks. Get great lessons in an authentic atmosphere. Of course, if you’d prefer, we can come to your Airbnb or hotel room, or you can swing by our studio.

Turn Their Heads Customers Learning to Two Step