Country Dance Lessons

Get your Nashville groove on with our dynamic country dance lessons. Have fun, burn off those Broadway beers and learn steps you can use the rest of your life.

Coach James Doing A Bowtie Move

Our Lessons

Lessons for Groups, Couples and Solo Dancers

Teaching A Nashville Line Dancing Lesson at Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge

Line Dancing Lessons

Our amazing dance coaches break down each step so you learn quickly and easily. Even if you have no dance experience and two left feet, you will find yourself having a great time and looking good doing it. 

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Two Step Lesson with Rick

Two Step Lessons

This popular partner dance is practiced in its “social” form in just about every country bar in America. It is also popular around the world in its more precise ballroom style. Our coaches emphasize the social style so you can learn quickly and dance that same night.

Your Airbnb, Downtown Bars Or Our Studio

Coach Rick Teaching Country Swing Side Lean

Country Swing Lessons

Country swing is a partner dance that combines a simple step with an endless array of fun swing-dance moves. It can be slow and sensual, spirited and athletic, or anything in between. Let our amazing dance coaches teach you this fun, easy-to-learn dance.

Your Airbnb, Downtown Bars Or Our Studio