Country Swing Lessons

Country Swing is one of the easiest and most fun partner dances on the planet! We provide fun, easy-to-follow lessons at your Airbnb, our private location or online via live streaming. Get a lesson and get out on the floor tonight to experience the music in a new way!

Our Private Country Swing Dancing Lesson Options

Country Swing is Easy and Fun!

Country Swing, sometimes mistakenly called two step, is our favorite partner dance because it is insanely enjoyable and super simple to learn. It uses a very simple step and incorporates all of the thrilling dance steps that are popular in the other forms of country dance. Our teachers make learning simple and are very patient, ensuring that you will be full of confidence as you move through the dances with your partner, whether that person is your future bride, a friend, a co-worker, or a stranger.

Our dance lessons in Nashville are packed with everything you need to get out on the dance floor tonight or dancing in your kitchen for years to come!

Many folks mistakenly call two step country swing when they are in fact completely separate dances but often incorporated together hence the confusion. We typically recommend learning country swing instead of true ballroom two-step because it is far more versatile and much easier to master. You don’t need to have any rhythm and you will still look amazing.

At Turn Their Heads, two step is a basic step within country swing and is taught during our 4-week course giving you a well rounded base of knowledge so you look amazing on the dance floor. Unless you have a large dance floor to go to every week, country swing is the option you want, regardless of what you call it.

If you aren’t sure which to choose, check out Should I l Learn Country Swing or Two Step.

The best part about our classes is that there are multiple options. You could opt for a private class, join a multi-week class, or engage in classes with a group of friends or strangers. Dancing is often an avenue to meet new people in Nashville, so don’t worry about joining one of our group classes because everyone else will be just as eager to learn as you!

Country Swing Lessons

Country Swing Lesson

Public Country Swing Dancing Lesson

This 60-minute lesson is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics and get out on the dance floor tonight. By the end of class you’ll know how to lead and follow, do the basic step, spin and be spun plus perform a move or two to add variety and look good. Partner not required.

Country Swing Cuddle Move

Private Country Swing Lesson

If you work better without a crowd, want more one-on-one attention or want to learn advanced moves, this 60-minute lesson is for you. Beginners will learn basic fundamentals, the basic step for both the follow and lead, how to spin the follow plus a few moves to add variety. If you are an experienced country swing dancer and want to learn advanced moves, or have specific moves you want to learn, let us know in advance so we can have you looking amazing.

Country Swing Dance Turn

4-Week Country Swing Fundamentals

Available in-person twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour, on Saturdays for two hours, or as a virtual course you can take at any time. Go deep into the fundamentals and truly understand how to dance. You will come away from this course knowing how to properly perform today’s country swing and two step, and be able to dance with anyone smoothly. Partner not required for in-person class.

This semi-private group setting typically offers an instructor to student ratio of 1:7 or less, providing you with lots of individual help and instruction so you progress as fast as possible. You’ll learn the most up-to-date country swing step plus over 20 beginner to intermediate moves and dips. You learn and practice timing and musicality to separate your dancing from the rest. You’ll also learn how to two step and when and how to combine country swing with two step. You will feel super-confident on any dance floor.

Students also receive a pass for one 3-hour social dance per week (a $40 total value) so you can practice and perfect your dancing. You will be introduced to all of our former students so you immediately have a group to dance with from day one. You’ll never sit out a dance again!

Sign up today and start feeling confident and looking great on the dance floor!

Country Swing Titanic Move

4-Week Country Swing Essentials - Next Level Dancing

These semiprivate, weekly 60-minute lessons are designed for those wanting to learn more advanced techniques and skills in a small-group class with lots of instructor interaction so you truly learn the moves and techniques.

You will learn one to two intermediate-level moves and dips per class plus ways to connect and transition between them so that you are actually dancing, not just being a “move robot”. You will improve your connection and flow so that your dancing becomes smooth and effortless. Flare, timing and musicality will also be featured throughout the classes. 

Students also receive a pass for one 3-hour social dance per week (a $40 total value) so you can practice and perfect your dancing. You will be introduced to all of our former students so you immediately have a group to dance with from day one. You’ll never sit out a dance again!

Partner not required. Class fee is $119 for solo individuals or $199 for a lead and follow registering and paying together.

Nashville Country Swing Dancing Lessons

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in the music city. Nothing beats getting out on the floor and following the rhythm of the music while making memories with a partner or group of friends. While line dancing can be done as an individual, other forms are built to be enjoyed with a partner. If you are in Nashville and want to experience the music city for all it is worth, then some country dance lessons in Nashville could be the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening, either on-site at our studios or in the privacy of your accommodation.

The music scene is electric in this city, so why not take full advantage by immersing yourself in the culture with dance lessons in Nashville? Whether you want to learn two-step, country, or even basic line dance routines, Turn Their Heads can turn you from a total novice to a well-prepared dancer. Plus, you can either take a class on-site at our studio or we will bring a class to you at your hotel, Airbnb, or business location.

7 Reasons to Choose Our Country Swing Lessons

Focused On Fun

Two stepping and swing dancing can be a lot of fun and great exercise. If you’ve taken ballroom lessons you’ll know that instructors can suck the fun out of the lesson by focusing on making everything perfect. Turn Their Heads isn’t like that at all. We focus on teaching you the basics of two step and country swing in a fun, positive atmosphere so you can head to any dance hall and have fun night after night. The lessons themselves are so much fun you’ll forget you are in a…well…a lesson.

We Can Come to You

Our dance coaches can teach you in the privacy of your Airbnb, home or hotel suite if you aren’t able to come to one of our studios. That means you have all your usual comforts and don’t have to spend money on gas or an Uber.

One Of The Easiest Partner Dances On Earth

Not only is Country Swing fun, it is incredibly easy to learn. The basic step is super simple even for a complete newbie plus there are tons of turns, spins and moves that are also easy to learn. Once you know the basics we teach, you can dance with anyone who knows country swing. And of course, if you want to move onto advanced moves, there are lots of those to learn as well, so the dance never gets boring.

Learn At Your Pace With No Limits

We start with the basics if you’ve never done any two step or country swing before. After that we will teach you advanced turns, spins, flips, tricks, lifts and aerials per your goals. If you want to go slow, we go slow. If you are absorbing everything and able to perform it, and you want more, we will keep giving you all you can handle.

Use What You Learn - Immediately

The dances and steps that we teach will allow you to walk into any country dance hall in America that does couples dancing…and dance the night away. Right from the first lesson you will have the basics down so you can go out that night and have fun.

Our Dance Coaches LOVE Country Swing

Most of our dance coaches dance for fun 2 – 3 times a week. They love to dance, love to teach, love to learn new moves and love to share the love. It makes learning from them fun and easy. They also know what it feels like to be a student because they are learning new moves every week. That helps them break things down so complete newbies learn, have fun, and don’t get overwhelmed.

It's Private And Comfortable

Whether you choose to have an instructor come to your Airbnb, or you come to our cozy studio, you will be in a private setting. You can be yourself, you don’t have to worry about the public seeing you make a mistake, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want, you can just relax and enjoy the moment. For an authentic Nashville experience, you can choose the Lead & Learn option and have a lesson right there on the floor at a Nashville honky tonk!

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