Country Swing Lessons

Country Swing is one of the easiest and most fun partner dances on the planet! We provide fun, easy-to-follow lessons at your Airbnb, our private location and various bars around town. Get a lesson and get out on the floor tonight!

Nashville Country Swing Dancing Lessons


8 Reasons to Choose Our Country Swing Lessons

Focused On Fun

Two stepping and swing dancing can be a lot of fun and great exercise. If you’ve taken ballroom lessons you’ll know that instructors can suck the fun out of the lesson by focusing on making everything perfect. Turn Their Heads isn’t like that at all. We focus on teaching you the basics of two step and country swing in a fun, positive atmosphere so you can head to any dance hall and have fun night after night. The lessons themselves are so much fun you’ll forget you are in a…well…a lesson.

We Come to You

Our dance coaches teach you in the privacy of your Airbnb, home or hotel suite. That means you have all your usual comforts and don’t have to spend money on gas or an Uber. If you prefer to dance elsewhere, you can come to our cozy dance space or we can meet you at a Nashville bar for a Lead & Learn.

It's Private And Comfortable

Whether you choose to have an instructor come to your Airbnb, or you come to our cozy studio, you will be in a private setting. You can be yourself, you don’t have to worry about the public seeing you make a mistake, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want, you can just relax and have fun. For an authentic Nashville experience, you can choose the Lead & Learn option and have a lesson right there on the dance floor at a Nashville honky tonk!

One Of The Easiest Partner Dances On Earth

Not only is Country Swing fun, it is incredibly easy to learn. The basic step is super simple even for a complete newbie plus there are tons of turns, spins and moves that are also easy to learn. Once you know the basics we teach, you can dance with anyone who knows country swing. And of course, if you want to move onto advanced moves, there are lots of those to learn as well, so the dance never gets boring.

Learn At Your Pace With No Limits

We start with the basics if you’ve never done any two step or country swing before. After that we will teach you advanced turns, spins, flips, tricks, lifts and aerials per your goals. If you want to go slow, we go slow. If you are absorbing everything and able to perform it, and you want more, we will keep giving you all you can handle.

Use What You Learn - Immediately

The dances and steps that we teach will allow you to walk into any country dance hall in America that does couples dancing…and dance the night away. Right from the first lesson you will have the basics down so you can go out that night and have fun.

Our Dance Coaches LOVE Country Swing

Most of our dance coaches dance for fun 2 – 3 times a week. They love to dance, love to teach, love to learn new moves and love to share the love. It makes learning from them fun and easy. They also know what it feels like to be a student because they are learning new moves every week. That helps them break things down so complete newbies learn, have fun, and don’t get overwhelmed.

The Only Country Swing Lessons In Nashville

If you’ve been on Google looking for country swing lessons in Nashville, you know that there aren’t any. Because country swing is more of a social dance, and because it’s so easy to learn, most ballroom dance studios don’t offer it. Those are the exact reasons we DO teach it, it’s a super fun social dance that’s easy to learn and addictive. The moves are pretty simple and can be performed by anyone of any age, size, height or shape. Plus there’s always another move to learn or trick to try so it’s always exciting.

Our Country Swing Dancing Lesson Options

Classic Lesson

Classic lessons are for private environments such as an Airbnb, hotel room or our cozy lesson space. The instructor will explain the basic step then allow you to practice with your partner – great for a date night! If you don’t have a partner, your coach will be your partner.

Once you’ve gotten a grip on it, you’ll perform the step to music so you get the feel of it in action. Your dance coach will make small tweaks as you go, focused on the overall goal of having fun. Once you have a grasp of a step or move, they will teach the next one.

Beginners can expect to spend at least half the time actually dancing in each lesson. We think that’s the best way to learn and have it stick.You will learn enough in one lesson to be able to get out on the dance floor and have a good time that same night

Because country swing is a compact dance, nearly all Airbnbs and hotels have enough room for a lesson. In fact, some have more space than the dance floors at many Nashville bars. If you prefer to get out of your house, you can learn at our cozy, private location or we can teach you in a private room at a bar in town.

If you are interested in Two Step, we can combine the two dances into one lesson. Folks who country swing frequently combine the two dances for variety and to give themselves a rest during the more vigorous country swing moves, lifts and aerials. A combo lesson will give you a great foundation to start your country dance obsession.

We will provide a souvenir video of one complete song of you performing everything you learned. You are welcome to use your own device to video your entire lesson.

Book a lesson with our amazing coaches today and have a blast in Nashville!

Lead & Learn Lessons

Lead & Learn Country Swing Lessons are a great opportunity to learn more country swing dance in the same amount of time as a classic lesson. The difference is that you are mostly learning by doing instead of having a formal lesson. Your dance coach is your partner in a Lead & Learn and may spend just a few minutes explaining the basics in a way you can understand and away you go.

If you are athletic, have dance experience or are a quick learner, this is a great option to get in more dancing. It’s like having a skilled dance partner who is good at teaching on the fly.

Depending on the difficulty of the moves you want to learn, you can expect to spend about 80% of your time dancing and being coached, and 20% being taught the steps and moves. Your dance coach may stop occasionally to explain the next move if it’s difficult, or if you need a break. Otherwise you’ll be dancing and learning and burning calories and having the most fun you can have on a dance floor.

Lead & Learn is for one participant at a time however you can have several participants in one session. Generally, each participant will rotate after each song. Just keep in mind that the more people in your session, the fewer advanced moves you will each have time to learn.

If you have a Nashville bachelorette party, this is a fun option. Your dance coach can focus on the bride if you desire, but give the other girls in your party a spin around the floor as well. This guarantees that the bride has “one last dance” before it’s “same you-know-what forever”. 🙂

Same goes for bachelor parties. Give your best bud a chance to learn some dance steps while giving all the guys someone to dance with, even if they’ve never danced before.

As with a Classic Country Swing Lesson, you can choose to do a combo lesson and learn both two step and country swing dance. You’ll be hard pressed to have more fun than a combo Lead & Learn and are likely to get face cramps from all the smiling. 

Nashville Country Swing Dance Lead & Learn Lessons are available anywhere there is a 5 x 5 space to dance including your Airbnb, home or hotel, our private location, a park, a Nashville bar and more. 

Book today to get all the fun of a Lead & Learn Country Swing Lesson in Nasvhille!

Can't make it to Nashville? Our coaches can teach you Country Swing through Zoom, in the comfort of your own home! Great for a date night with your honey. Or you can get several couples together from all over the country for a Zoom country swing party! 

Great for bachelorette parties, learning a dance for your wedding reception or just plain having fun and burning calories with a partner. Available 7 days a week from 10am - 10pm.

The process is the same as an in-person Nashville Country Swing Class except you are watching through your computer, or better yet, your TV or projector, by beaming/sharing it from your computer or phone.

Combo lessons are available by adding a two step or line dancing lesson.

Book a lesson today and have fun with a partner tonight!