4-Week Country Swing Fundamentals

Available via video online or in person! You’ll start the course as a beginner and graduate as an intermediate-level dancer! Learn the latest techniques including the most current country swing basic step, proper dipping and over 20 moves and variations. You’ll also learn how to two step in these amazing lessons!

When Are The Country Swing Course Lessons?

  • Typically starts the first Monday (for Monday and Wednesday option) or first Saturday of each month (unless a holiday)
  • Monday/Wednesday class runs from 7pm – 8pm with an optional 30-minute practice starting at 6:30pm
  • Saturday classes run from 4pm – 6pm
  • All participants received free access to our weekly social dance Thursdays from 7pm – 10pm during the course
  • No partner needed
  • Course fees: Solo dancer $240lead and follow booking together $400; online only $97
  • Online registrants will have access to the class videos for three months

What You’ll Learn in Our Course

Learn Everything You Need to Look Amazing! 

We’ve performed over 1000 private country swing lessons over the years and now offer weekly group classes to teach even more people this super-fun dance. Now’s the time to learn country swing and tear up the dance floor at bars, festivals, weddings and competitions…or your kitchen!

We specialize in teaching people who have absolutely no dance experience. Our advanced teaching methodologies will have you learning 2 – 3 moves and techniques per class with plenty of time to practice.

The first two weeks cover the basic step, how to lead and follow plus beginner moves. The second two weeks cover intermediate-level techniques and moves. You’ll also learn how to two step and how to combine country swing and two step for unlimited dancing options!

If you are like countless others, this course is like none you’ve ever experienced…

“Rick, your class was literally life changing.” – Alex, Nashville TN

“Seriously life changing.” – Brittney, Nashville TN

Unlike most dance lessons where you just learn moves or combos, with us, you learn how to dance. There’s a huge difference. You will be in the top tier of dancers in Nashville after this course and will be sought after as a dance partner.

Who Should Attend?

Our 4-week Level I country swing course is designed for those who have never had formal country swing instruction, or have only had a couple lessons and want to dance correctly. Even if you’ve been dancing for years, you owe it to yourself to learn the newest country swing basic step (it has changed) as well as all the ins and outs of how to dip, lean and spin correctly.

Even if you’ve been dancing for years, but you aren’t sure if you are doing things correctly, or your confidence isn’t as strong as it could be, this is a great place to start. You’ll gain the confidence needed to dance with anyone at any level.

How Do the Online Lessons Work?

We will be recording our awesome country swing classes and posting the next day. You will be able to watch and participate with your partner in the comfort of your home, gym or wherever you watch it, whenever you want to watch. 

These videos will also be available for our in-person students to review and practice between lessons, as well as after the course is completed.

As part of the course, you are able to submit questions should you not understand something from a video. Realistically, there shouldn’t be a ton of questions since we are pretty thorough and have taught thousands of people. Plus, it’s possible that someone in the class might have had the same question. If it’s something we should have covered but didn’t, we will cover your question in our next class.

That’s about all you need to know. It’s a great way to learn country swing if you can’t get to Nashville on the nights we have class.

What Will I Learn?

You will start with the modern country swing step then continue to add easy but fun moves each class building on what you’ve learned. You’ll learn over 20 country swing moves and variations by the end of the course so you can look great and dance with confidence.

On top of that, you’ll learn how to two step and how to combine the two dances for unlimited dance possibilities no matter where you are.

If that weren’t enough, classes will also touch on advanced topics like musicality, connection and flow. This will allow you to look more polished and smooth so dancing is more fun for you and your partner. It’ll make you a sought after dance partner no matter where you dance.

Will There Be a Lot of Dancing?

Lots! If you are the kind of person who learns best by doing, don’t worry. There will be lots of practice each class so you can build muscle memory and learn each move. If you want even more practice, you can attend one of our 3-hour social dances per week free of charge (currently Thursday and Saturday nights) free of charge!

Do I Need a Partner?

If you are attending the class in person, you do not need a partner. In fact, everyone in class will rotate and dance with everyone else throughout each class (for those willing). This allows you to progress faster and makes you better prepared if you go out dancing in public. It also helps build friendships and makes the group stronger so everyone learns more. In addition, everyone in the class will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback from your new friends in the class and our private community.

If you are taking the course online, you will need a partner. The videos will be available for 3 months following each class, so you don’t have to have a partner while the class is happening live, you can watch the videos later when you have a partner available.

How Often are Classes?

There are two one-hour classes per week on Mondays and Wednesdays or one two-hour class on Saturdays for four weeks. This frequency will allow you to build your skills faster with less chance to forget what you’ve learned.

Can I Skip Classes?

This is not a drop-in class. Each class builds on the next. Plus, in-person attendees are taking the course with other folks who are making the 4-week commitment to dance better. This allows the class to move along at a faster pace so you learn more in less time. Not only will you be a better dancer, but you will have a better foundation than most people who have been dancing for years or taking other classes.

Since it is available online afterwards, you will be able to make up classes you miss, or if doing them completely online, take them at a time that’s more convenient for you.

If you are taking class in person, it is critical that you attend as many classes as possible. The class participants form a bond and that bond can get thrown off if individuals miss too many classes. In addition, we try to keep the number of leads and follows as close to even as possible. Please let us know if you plan to miss a class so that we can find a substitute if necessary.

I'm Excited and Ready! When Are Classes?

Classes run every Monday and Wednesday from 7 – 8pm. We start a new course on the first Monday of every month unless it falls on or near a holiday.

Who Is Teaching the Course?
The primary instructor is Dance Coach Rick Harris. If you’ve been around the Nashville dance scene in the last 15 years, you’ve seen or possibly danced with Coach Rick. He is considered the Grandfather of country swing in Nashville and has been teaching it for over a decade. Coach is skilled at both the lead and follow roles so he can help both partners progress faster.
Coach Rick went to college to teach people how to move where he earned a degree in Exercise Science and multiple national certifications. He has over three decades of experience coaching athletes and dancers plus three decades of line and partner dance experience. His teaching style is very positive and supportive. He truly believes everyone can dance because he’s seen it to be true after having coached thousands of dancers.
Rick was also a college cheerleader, and cheerleading coach, where he fell in love with stunting. That transferred over to country swing where lifts and aerials became second nature. He plans to teach lifts and aerials later this year so stay tuned.
Coach Rick enjoys pushing himself and competes in national country swing competitions where he’s earned a 3rd and 4th place plus a semifinal spot. Competition has taught him the importance of smoothness and musicality which he emphasizes in his classes so you will look good from the beginning of your dancing journey.
Another of your instructors is the well-known Lindsey Nadig. Her bubbly personality and willingness to learn any move make her a favorite follow wherever she goes. She’s been dancing less than a year but is easily one of the best follows in Nashville. She loves to dance and travels for workshops and competitions around the country.
Nicole Young is another instructor who will be helping you on your journey. Nicole has been dancing her entire life and is great at helping people learn new body movements. Like Coach Rick, she is able to both teach and perform the lead AND the follow roles in country swing. This helps her understand what both partners are experiencing. This in turn helps her to teach more effectively.
What's the Investment for All This Awesomeness?

Cost for the course is $240 each if you are signing up as a single, or $200 each as lead and follow. Fee to take the class online is just $97.

You get 8 classes for the cost of 2 private lessons with Coach Rick. We accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, Cash or Cards. Payment plans are available. Grants are available for those in need.

Where Are Classes?

Classes will be held at our own private dance academy. We are the only full-time country dance facility in Nashville offering dancing options 7 days per week. Our beautiful, modern facility is located 8 minutes from Broadway right off the highway for easy access from inside or out of town. Address is 830 Fesslers Pkwy Ste 114, Nashville TN 37210.

Do I Need Boots or Special Attire?

Absolutely not. Any attire is acceptable if it allows movement and makes you feel comfortable. Unlike the other dance classes around Nashville, we do not have boot restrictions (as long as they are clean and free of dirst) so feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. Shoes or boots with hard, smooth bottoms such as leather or hard plastic are good options so you can rotate with minimal restriction, however, any comfortable footwear will work.

If you are dancing at home, you will need adequate space – an open kitchen or living room is usually plenty. Some people need to move a table or couch. You will need some type of footwear that allows your feet to rotate with minimal stress on your knee, but not too slippery. It is important to have some traction to prevent slips or falls. You should not me able to run and slide. If you can, you need more traction. If you are dancing on carpet, you can experiment with different shoes of or purchase “Dance Socks” designed for carpet that go over your shoes. You may find that a wornout pair of socks on your foot or over your sneakers works well.

Learn how to country swing and make 2024 your best year yet!

4-Week Course Registration

Venmo is preferred. Send to @TurnTheirHeads and list the month and “CSC” in the comment. We also accept Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, Cash and Credit Cards. We will contact you if those are your preferred methods. Payment plans are available. Grants are available for those in need.

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