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Line dance lessons can be held at your home, Airbnb, hotel or business, or at the beautiful Millennium Dance Complex, Nashville’s premier dance studio located at 2844 Logan St, Nashville TN 37211. It’s the best facility in Nashville with suspended wood floors to reduce stress on your knees, large, clean restrooms and free WiFi for posting to socials. There are two waiting areas with comfortable couches so you can relax before and after your lesson (perfect for pregaming). Plus there’s plenty of off-street parking for cars and buses.

Country swing and two step lessons are available at your Airbnb, home, hotel or business, or at our private in-home studio dubbed The Dancing Doublewide located at 2728 Bullock Ave, Nashville TN 37207. If you prefer the larger Millennium Dance Complex, you can hold your lesson there for an additional $50.

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